Fusion Look

Creating The Perfect Fusion Look

I love the idea of pairing South Asian jewelry with Western clothing.  I believe it can really help elevate one's look and give it a special edge.

Polki & Kundan Necklace

My favourite way of incorporating South Asian jewelry into my outfits is by wearing one statement piece.  This piece could be a pair of dangling Kundan earrings or just a necklace from one of my gold-plated sets.

Kundan Earrings Kundan Necklace

If you decide to wear both earrings & a necklace, it can take away from the outfit.  You want to pair jewelry that will compliment your whole look and not overshadow it. 

Here are some examples of how I have paired my Indian Jewelry with my outfits:

Fusion Indo-Western Look, Blue Skirt with Kundan Necklace 


I'll leave you today with the beautiful words of Amrin Khalil:

"Wear that jumkha with jeans, that

dupatta with a dress. You do you! 

Fashion needs a bit of soul. A bit of

spice too."


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